30 years supporting the struggle for the right to food and nutrition

Three decades ago, FIAN International was founded with the strong conviction that effective and persistent action promulgating the right to food required the establishment of an international organization based on grassroots groups in the north and south alike.

During 30 years, FIAN International has been navigating the turbulent waters of a complex, interconnected and challening global context. This has led the organization to move progressively towards a more comprehensive, all-encompassing approach of the right to food and nutrition

On the ocassion of its 30th anniversary, FIAN International will launch a monthly series on 'The Struggle for the Right to Food and Nutrition', which look into today’s world right to food. In the last years, the world has undergone  socio-political and economic shifts that have brought new challenges and actors involved vis-a-vis the realization of this very fundamental right.

The series, which will be released every month until June 2017, are aimed at both reviewing current trends and the link between the realization of the right to food and all human rights. 



30 years | 28-04-2017
Gender Income and Social Security

The right to decent conditions

On the occasion of Workers’ Day, the next issue looks into the gaps across the formal and informal sectors that prevent millions of female and male workers from enjoying basic rights and protections.

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30 years | 31-03-2017
Global Governance Monitoring and Accountability

The Right to Feed off Today’s Sustainability

April’s issue explores the right of future generations to live off a sustainable world that is not compromised by present actions and policies.

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30 years | 06-03-2017

The right to feed off equality

The next issue of the series “Supporting the Struggles for the Right to Food and Nutrition” looks into how the appalling discrimination women face in rural and urban areas is leading them to being amongst the world’s hungriest and how it is impacting food systems.

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30 years | 06-02-2017

The Right to Feed Off Inclusion

The next issue looks into how the appalling discrimination that LGBTIQA groups suffer on the grounds of sexual identity risks their access to adequate and nutritious food.

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30 years | 10-12-2016

The roots of the first-ever right to food organization

On the occasion of Human Rights Day, President of FIAN International Anita Klum goes back a few decades and looks into the connections between the organization and the development of the human right to food.

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30 years | 07-11-2016
Gender Nutrition

The right to grow up in a nourishing environment

The next issue explores the full spectrum of children’s right to food, whose true realization depends on the fulfillment of all rights and is a prerequisite to ensure their right to education.

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30 years | 03-10-2016
Indigenous Peoples Land Grabbing Natural Resources Peasants' Rights

Mobilizing Against the Dispossession of the Commons

The fourth of the series looks into the challenges that the rural peoples face despite playing a key role in feeding the world population and the conservation of humanity as a whole.

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30 years | 05-09-2016
Justiciability Honduras

Furthering the realization of all human rights

Human right defenders and their crucial contribution to building human rights-based societies are the protagonists of the third of the series “The Struggle for the Right to Food and Nutrition”.

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30 years | 01-08-2016
Indigenous Peoples Land Grabbing

The right to live off their ancestral lands

The second series looks into the struggle of indigenous peoples to access and control their traditional lands, as a prerequisite to feed themselves adequately.

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30 years | 04-07-2016
Gender Global Governance Nutrition

Beyond Food Security, towards Food Sovereignty

The first series of “The Struggle for the Right to Food and Nutrition” looks into key concepts within the framework of food sovereignty, beyond the frontiers of food security.

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