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The human right to adequate food is realized when individuals and communities have a healthy, productive and active life, made possible by their nutritional well-being over the entirety of their life spans.

The nutritional dimension must be taken into account at all phases of the food system - from the production of seeds, cultivation, harvesting, marketing, transformation, and purchase all the way to consumption and biological and cultural utilization at the individual level - if nutritional well-being is to be achieved.

Instead of adopting a holistic approach, oftentimes research, policy, trade, and civil society engagement divide their energies between food production on the one hand and malnutrition on the other.  The clear outcome of delinking the human right to adequate food from its nutritional dimension is that food trade profits co-exist with increased hunger, food shortages, and social instability.

Discussions about food are inseparable from those about nutrition in the context of food sovereignty. These discussions should touch upon the diversity, quantity, nutritional composition, quality and type of food production; who produces what, how and where and who makes these decisions; access to and control over productive resources and physical and economic access to food and water; preparation methods; information on diversity and the recommended nutritional balance of diets; and potential health benefits and risks of various foods such as ultra-processed foods, saturated fats, and genetically modified foods, among others.

FIAN International works to close the structural separation and legal isolation between relevant human rights structures and seeks to foster a more holistic understanding of the right to adequate food that encompasses its nutritional dimension in order to ensure the realization of the right for all women, children and men. 

News | 07-11-2016
Nutrition Gender

The right to grow up in a nourishing environment

The next issue explores the full spectrum of children’s right to food, whose true realization depends on the fulfillment of all rights and is a...

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Press Release | 22-07-2016
Nutrition Justiciability Indigenous Peoples Gender Nepal

Right to food triumphs at Supreme Court of Nepal

The rights of marginalized groups and indigenous peoples are strengthened in recent decisions by the Supreme Court of Nepal.

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News | 04-07-2016
Global Governance Nutrition Gender

Beyond Food Security, towards Food Sovereignty

The first series of “The Struggle for the Right to Food and Nutrition” looks into key concepts within the framework of food sovereignty, beyond the...

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Press Release | 10-06-2016
Natural Resources Nutrition Extraterritorial Obligations Land Grabbing Monitoring and Accountability Sweden Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso and Sweden under review at UN CESCR Committee

Investments by Swedish National Pension Funds in projects involved in human rights abuses and violations were under the spotlight along with the...

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Mining Nutrition Land Grabbing Climate Change Peasants' Rights Indigenous Peoples Gender Monitoring and Accountability Honduras

Alternative report to the State report of Honduras for review by CESCR

This report is submitted by civil society as the alternative report to the second report of the State of Honduras for review by the Committee on...

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News | 01-06-2016
Natural Resources Global Governance Mining Nutrition Water Agrarian Reform Seeds Trade Justiciability Extraterritorial Obligations Land Grabbing Agrofuels Peasants' Rights Indigenous Peoples Gender Monitoring and Accountability Income and Social Security

2015, a year of movement-building

From Bajo Aguan to West Bengal, passing through Tunis and Essakane, FIAN International’s Annual Report 2015 conducts a succinct review of all its work...

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Nutrition Gender Income and Social Security GNRtFN India

A life without dignity – the price of your cup of tea

In sharp contrast to the images of tranquil, lush, green tea gardens, with which consumers are presented, tea plantation workers are paid poverty...

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Press Release | 10-12-2015
Natural Resources Global Governance Mining Nutrition Extraterritorial Obligations Peasants' Rights Indigenous Peoples Gender Monitoring and Accountability Income and Social Security GNRtFN Honduras India Nepal

Keeping up the fight against the corporate snowball effect

On the occasion of Human Rights Day, FIAN International releases its annual publication, ‘Right to Food Journal’. The publication puts under the...

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News | 11-11-2015
Nutrition Agrarian Reform Philippines

Support for passing the ‘Zero Hunger’ Bill needed

With no law expressly guaranteeing the right to adequate food for all in the Philippines, a clear policy framework is required to address hunger. The...

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News | 19-10-2015

Food and nutrition: not for sale

FIAN International's Secretary General Flavio Valente looks into the increasing control of business over food systems and policies in an opinion...

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Latest News

News | 15-01-2019
Indigenous Peoples Nutrition Peasants' Rights

Bolsonaro shuts down National Council for Food Security and Nutrition

The decision implies a huge step back for a country that until 2014 was still listed on FAO´s Hunger Map

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Press Release | 15-10-2018
GNRtFN Monitoring and Accountability Nutrition

The food that feeds the world: An analysis in the digital era-

On the occasion of World Food Day, the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition launches “When Food Becomes Immaterial: Confronting the Digital Age”, exploring the impact of technologies on what and how we eat, as well as on how food is produced

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News | 27-09-2018
Natural Resources Nutrition Seeds

When Food Becomes Immaterial: Confronting the Digital Age

At a time where technology is infiltrating every area of our lives, this year’s Right to Food and Nutrition Watch takes a closer look at how this new era impacts food, our source of life, identity and social relations.

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Press Release | 07-09-2018
Nutrition Mexico

Mexico: Renewed hope for putting an end to widespread malnutrition

The alarming food situation in the United States of Mexico may have the opportunity to improve as a new Senate takes office.

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Statement | 14-08-2018
Nutrition Guatemala

A child who dies of hunger, dies murdered

One year after the death of an indigenous Chortí girl, civil society indicates that a large part of Guatemalan children could meet the same fate.

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News | 11-07-2018
Global Governance Nutrition

Exploring new policy pathways

The world is off-track in terms of achieving sustainable development and fundamental policy changes, the Spotlight Report 2018 says

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Press Release | 12-03-2018
Extraterritorial Obligations Land Grabbing Nutrition Zambia

Zambia: UN report points to adverse effects of large-scale agricultural investment

Previously voiced by FIAN International, UN Right to Food Rapporteur confirms large-scale agricultural investments in the country lead to the displacement and worsening of nutrition of communities.

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Press Release | 06-03-2018
Monitoring and Accountability Nutrition

An appetite for feminism

No root causes of food insecurity and malnutrition will ever be resolved if gender inequality persists.

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Press Release | 26-02-2018
Extraterritorial Obligations Global Governance Land Grabbing Monitoring and Accountability

2017, a year of countering mainstreamed narratives

Last year’s global political scenario led FIAN International to raise important questions on the future of human rights and bring the root causes of right to food violations under the spotlight, as presented in its 2017 Annual Report.

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News | 24-01-2018
Global Governance Monitoring and Accountability Natural Resources Nutrition

Is your right to food realized?

As human rights continue to regress, it is time to raise our voice and hold our governments accountable.

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