Access to Land and Productive Natural Resources

Burkina Faso - Man with Dry Land © Photo: Florence Kroff
Paradoxically, the majority of the hungry and malnourished people worldwide live where food is produced – in rural areas.  Half of the hungry worldwide are marginalized smallholder farmers.  Another 22 percent are the landless, who earn their income either as agricultural laborers or in informal sector activities in rural economies.  The lack of access to productive resources – namely land, water and seeds – is therefore one of the key reasons why people suffer chronic hunger and malnutrition.

Many individuals, groups and communities do not have access to land and other natural resources, security of tenancy, or access to agricultural extension services and marketing opportunities.

Women are often particularly discriminated against. Despite their high contribution to agrarian production, in most cases, women do not possess their own land or have access to relevant programs like agrarian reform initiatives and other productive resources such as credits or technology.

FIAN's Work

FIAN's work on access to natural resources aims to increase national and international awareness for the lack of or insecure access to land and other related resources, and to analyze the issue from a human rights perspective.  Apart from contributing towards resolving concrete cases of human rights violations, FIAN aims to develop additional human rights protection standards for individuals, groups or communities threatened by landlessness and forced evictions.

One initiative carried out by FIAN, along with the international peasants’ movement, La Via Campesina and others is the Global Campaign on Agrarian Reform.  FIAN also promotes the effective implementation and use of the FAO Guidelines on the Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests to support the claims of those most affected by hunger and malnutrition.


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Latest news

Policy Brief | 14-11-2018
Natural Resources Seeds

A Human Rights Analysis of Gene Drives

A new briefing published today by FIAN International shows how the gene drive technology undermines peasants’ control over genetic resources and agroecology, threatens biodiversity and poses incalculable risks for human health.

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News | 14-11-2018
Natural Resources Seeds

The “cutting-edge” technology that puts human rights and ecosystems at risk

The so-called ‘gene drives’ are being promoted by the biotechnology industry as the new magic formula to address health and food challenges, despite bearing incalculable risks for humans and nature.

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News | 27-09-2018
Natural Resources Nutrition Seeds

When Food Becomes Immaterial: Confronting the Digital Age

At a time where technology is infiltrating every area of our lives, this year’s Right to Food and Nutrition Watch takes a closer look at how this new era impacts food, our source of life, identity and social relations.

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Press Release | 04-07-2018
Extraterritorial Obligations Natural Resources Brazil

Land speculation is leading to human rights violations and eco-destruction in Brazil

A new report uncovers how international pension funds, foreign investments and institutions are tearing down any future for rural communities in Northeastern Brazil.

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News | 10-04-2018
Global Governance Natural Resources

Policy dialogue spaces and multi-actor platforms

In collaboration with UN FAO, FIAN International launches a paper analyzing the potential and challenges of policy dialogue spaces, such as multi-actor platforms, to advance human rights-based governance of tenure.

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Press Release | 29-03-2018
Natural Resources Seeds Burkina Faso

Business profit or diverse food systems?

A new report unveils how corporations and governments are actively pushing for commercial seeds in West Africa having profound implications on people’s diets and rights.

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Press Release | 28-03-2018
Global Governance Monitoring and Accountability Natural Resources Peasants' Rights

Public policies for food sovereignty

The first issue of the ‘Think Piece Series Food for Thought’ comes out looking into the political significance of leveraging public policies in support of food sovereignty.

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Statement | 02-03-2018
Monitoring and Accountability Natural Resources Honduras

Justice for Berta Cáceres, protection for the defense of human rights

Organizations across Europe demand justice, remembrance and the guarantee of non-repetition for Berta Cáceres, as well as for the defense of human rights in Honduras and throughout Latin America.

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News | 24-01-2018
Global Governance Monitoring and Accountability Natural Resources Nutrition

Is your right to food realized?

As human rights continue to regress, it is time to raise our voice and hold our governments accountable.

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Press Release | 19-01-2018
Extraterritorial Obligations Land Grabbing Natural Resources Brazil

Mission investigates involvement of European money in land grabbing

After documenting dire human rights violations and environmental destruction in Brazil, which is flanked by land grabbing and speculation, an international delegation comes to Europe to investigate links.

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