Monitoring and Accountability

FIAN at IACHR conference on Bajo Aguan, Honduras
National and global political decisions that fail to take the human rights obligations of states and intergovernmental organisations into account are among the main reasons why hunger in the world persists. Public pressure can be a powerful means of holding governments and intergovernmental bodies accountable for their policies and programmes, and to assess the degree to which states are meeting their obligations to respect, protect and fulfil the human right to adequate food of every person.

To be effective, public pressure needs to be evidence-based. One of the monitoring tools developed by FIAN together with a host of partner civil society organizations is the annual publication     Right to Food and Nutrition Watch.

Additionally, monitoring reports, referred to as "parallel reports," are presented regularly to different UN human rights bodies such as the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR), Committee on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), and others.

FIAN is also one of the founding members of the     Global Network on the Right to Food and Nutrition. The Network consists of public interest civil society organizations and social movements acting in concert for the realization of one of the most violated human rights worldwide - the human right to adequate food and nutrition.

Latest News

Press Release | 15-10-2018
GNRtFN Monitoring and Accountability Nutrition

The food that feeds the world: An analysis in the digital era

On the occasion of World Food Day, the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition launches “When Food Becomes Immaterial: Confronting the Digital Age”, exploring the impact of technologies on what and how we eat, as well as on how food is produced

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Policy Brief | 15-10-2018
Monitoring and Accountability

A critical look into the 2018 SOFIN

It is time for a human rights-based State of Food Insecurity and Nutrition in the World.

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News | 15-10-2018
Monitoring and Accountability

Time for human rights-based SOFIN?

Ahead of this year’s negotiations at the Committee on World Food Security, FIAN International issues a critical assessment of the 2018 State of Food Insecurity and Nutrition in the World (SOFIN).

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News | 08-10-2018
Monitoring and Accountability

A people’s perspective on the most violated right in the world

A civil society-led report draws attention to the main challenges for the right to food and demonstrates that ‘business as usual’ simply does not work.

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Press Release | 11-07-2018
Global Governance Monitoring and Accountability

Burying human rights violations in big data

With the High Level Political Forum praising quantitative data as the pathway to achieving the SDGs, human rights violations could easily be silenced by numbers.

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News | 09-05-2018
Global Governance Monitoring and Accountability

Urban policy for food sovereignty

The third issue of the ‘Think Piece Series Food for Thought’ comes out exploring what booming cities and urban processes mean for the future of food systems.

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Press Release | 28-03-2018
Global Governance Monitoring and Accountability Natural Resources Peasants' Rights

Public policies for food sovereignty

The first issue of the ‘Think Piece Series Food for Thought’ comes out looking into the political significance of leveraging public policies in support of food sovereignty.

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Press Release | 06-03-2018
Monitoring and Accountability Nutrition

An appetite for feminism

No root causes of food insecurity and malnutrition will ever be resolved if gender inequality persists.

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News | 02-03-2018
Monitoring and Accountability Natural Resources Honduras

Justice for Berta Cáceres, protection for the defense of human rights

Organizations across Europe demand justice, remembrance and the guarantee of non-repetition for Berta Cáceres, as well as for the defense of human rights in Honduras and throughout Latin America.

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Press Release | 26-02-2018
Extraterritorial Obligations Global Governance Land Grabbing Monitoring and Accountability

2017, a year of countering mainstreamed narratives

Last year’s global political scenario led FIAN International to raise important questions on the future of human rights and bring the root causes of right to food violations under the spotlight, as presented in its 2017 Annual Report.

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