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The current aggressive expansion of agrofuel production threatens the right to adequate food of the most oppressed groups worldwide.  The threats to the right to adequate food arising from agrofuel production include the loss of food autonomy, an increase in the exploitation of natural resources and the diversion of land and food crops for agrofuel production.


Agrofuels exacerbate poverty and hunger in the developing world

Food crops, as well as energy crops, require land and water, both of which are in limited supply.  Some crops, such as corn can be used as energy crops.   Energy and food issues are therefore closely related and food systems directly respond to developments in the field of agrofuels.

Access to productive resources is a key element of the human right to food.  The expansion of agrofuels is one driver of the current land grab and in many cases leads to the loss of access to land and water.  The diversion of food crops for agrofuel production has further played an important role in price increases for some staple food crops like wheat, maize, rice and vegetable oils.  There is sufficient evidence that the rush to convert food into fuels represents a serious threat to the lives and livelihoods of the poorest and most marginalized sectors of our societies.  This, in turn, exacerbates hunger and poverty in the world.


FIAN's Work

The solutions to global warming and the current energy crisis cannot be reached at the cost of the rights of the hungry and poor people of the world.   All strategies to find alternative energy sources must fully comply with international human rights standards.  This is why FIAN supports a moratorium on agrofuel production until such time as regulatory structures have been put in place to protect against negative impacts on environmental, social and human rights; and to allow time for new technologies to be devised.

FIAN cooperates closely with small farmers and civil society organizations in order to develop effective strategies to ensure that agrofuel development prioritizes food security above all else.

Read more about Agrofuels from the     UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food.

Latest news

Report | 07-03-2019
Agrofuels Land Grabbing Sierra Leone

Case Report 2019 / Land Grabbing for Palm Oil in Sierra Leone

Analysis of the SOCFIN Case from a Human Rights Perspective

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Press Release | 06-11-2017
Agrarian Reform Agrofuels Extraterritorial Obligations Gender

New strategy to empower the people, dismantle corporate influence

Convening in Nepal, FIAN representatives the world over identified the current struggles for the right to food and nutrition and strategized about building people’s power.

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Press Release | 12-09-2017
Agrarian Reform Agrofuels Climate Change Extraterritorial Obligations

The World Food Crisis: The Way Out

With the world still trapped in a multifold crisis, this year’s Right to Food and Nutrition Watch will take stock of the past decade and present thought-provoking discussions and alternative solutions for finding our way out.

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News | 01-06-2016
Agrarian Reform Agrofuels Extraterritorial Obligations Gender

2015, a year of movement-building

From Bajo Aguan to West Bengal, passing through Tunis and Essakane, FIAN International’s Annual Report 2015 conducts a succinct review of all its work throughout the year.

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News | 23-02-2015
Agrarian Reform Agrofuels Extraterritorial Obligations Indigenous Peoples

Dealing in Africa with land issues in a human rights perspective

A new Haki Zetu booklet, co-published by FIAN and Amnesty International, on "Land and Human Rights" provides information and guidance on how to defend land rights, monitor land policies and violations, advocate, campaign and seek redress for land-related violations.

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Policy Brief | 24-01-2014
Agrofuels Climate Change Natural Resources Seeds

Gaining control over our food systems

Fact Sheet on the right to food, agroecology and food sovereignty

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News | 17-12-2013
Agrofuels Extraterritorial Obligations Monitoring and Accountability Austria

FIAN International welcomes Concluding Observations by UN Committee to Austria, Belgium and Norway

National sections of FIAN International in Austria, Belgium and Norway have highlighted some of the concerns and recommendations the Committee issued in its Concluding Observations regarding the strengthening of mechanisms that can guarantee human rights protection and the implementation of extraterritorial obligations (ETOs) of States.

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News | 10-10-2013

Biofuels Industry strong-arms Governments at UN Food Security conference

Civil Society movements accused Governments for protecting the interests of the biofuels industry rather than the interests of people pushed into hunger by biofuel policies at the Committee on World Food Security.

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Statement | 01-07-2013
Agrarian Reform Agrofuels Global Governance Indigenous Peoples

The Jakarta Call - Call of the VI Conference of La Via Campesina

Jakarta, June 12, 2013 - We, La Vía Campesina, call rural and urban organizations and social movements to transform and build a new society based on food sovereignty and justice.

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