FIAN Has An Impact

Colombia: Return of Las Pavas Community to their land
  • FIAN prevents forced evictions
  • FIAN accelerates the distribution of land to the landless
  • FIAN contributes to fair working conditions
  • FIAN empowers women to get access to and control over land, seeds and water
  • FIAN initiates new mechanisms for improved protection of the right to food
  • FIAN ensures that school children get midday meals

    Latest Impact

    News | 02-08-2016
    Gender Philippines

    CEDAW pushes the Philippines for more concerted efforts

    Although the Committee recognizes recent legislative endeavors by the country vis-a-vis women, it lists significant shortcomings.

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    Impact | 16-06-2016
    Land Grabbing Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone: Six land rights activists released through citizen solidarity

    Civil society organizations demand to stop land grabbing by the Agro-industrial Company Socfin and to protect the human rights of the communities.

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    News | 14-04-2016
    Gender Peasants' Rights

    Rights of rural women finally addressed in General Recommendation No.34

    Welcoming the adoption of the first international instrument to address the rights of rural women holistically, FIAN International examines the core elements related to the human right to food and nutrition contained in the General Recommendation No. 34.

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    News | 12-07-2015
    Agrarian Reform Land Grabbing Natural Resources Peasants' Rights

    Successful land installation in Hacienda Matias, Philippines

    Although the Philippine Government has showed commitment to fast-track the land distribution, the process has yet to be finalized by giving land to all farmer beneficiaries and providing support services.

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    Press Release | 10-07-2015
    Extraterritorial Obligations Global Governance

    A victory vis-a-vis the upcoming UN Treaty on TNCs and human rights

    Despite the EU’s pro-business attempts to derail the talks, discussions at the first UN IGWG session were enriching and fruitful.

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    Open Letter | 16-06-2014
    Indigenous Peoples Justiciability Paraguay Sawhoyamaxa

    Historic victory for Sawhoyamaxa indigenous community in Paraguay

    Expropriation bill enables community to return to its ancestral lands after over twenty years of struggle and resistance

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    Statement | 23-01-2014
    Extraterritorial Obligations Honduras Bajo Aguan

    Joint civil society statement: World Bank forced to admit failings on controversial human rights scandal

    The World Bank has been forced to backtrack on a controversial investment in Corporación Dinant, a palm oil company implicated in serious human rights abuses in Honduras.

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    Press Release | 09-12-2013
    Nutrition Guatemala

    FIAN International urges to implement judgments in favor of malnourished children in Guatemala

    Between December 1-6, 2013, FIAN International has conducted a visit to monitor the implementation of the judgments issued by the Court for Children and Adolescents in Zacapa, Guatemala, in relation to the right to food and other human rights of five malnourished children from four families of Camotán.

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    News | 27-09-2013
    Extraterritorial Obligations Global Governance

    UN experts call on world governments to be guided by the Maastricht Principles

    Global Governments are called to follow Maastricht Principles as part of their Extraterritorial Obligations (ETOs)

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    Press Release | 16-07-2013
    Justiciability Monitoring and Accountability Guatemala

    Judge Declares State of Guatemala Responsible for Right to Food Violations

    16 July 2013 , Heidelberg – A juvenile judge declared the Guatemalan state responsible for breach of economic, social and cultural rights by failing to ensure the right to food of five undernourished children from four families living in the villages of Camotán, Guatemala.

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