Case Work

FIAN follows a case based human rights approach by documenting and analysing concrete violations of the right to food.

At international Fact Finding Missions, FIAN identifies and addresses human rights violations. FIAN interviews people threatened or affected by violations of their right to food and verifies the facts of a situation. Face-to-face contacts to local counterparts are established and serve as a basis for trustful co-operation.

On request of those affected, FIAN reacts quickly, analyses the case and mobilises members and supporters worldwide to send out     Urgent Action protest letters. Violations are also followed-up in long-term case-work. In close co-operation with the affected communities, FIAN persistently approaches the responsible authorities and identifies breaches of right to food obligations.

Existing recourse mechanisms and legal remedies under national and international human rights law are applied to provide redress to the victims.

Since its foundation, FIAN has documented more than 400 individual cases of violations. Read about some of them below.