| 20-06-2011

Right to Food Quarterly Vol. 6 No. 1

This edition of the Right to Food Quarterly opens with a feature by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Olivier de Schutter, who presents a convincing argument that agroecological modes of production can help to address global inequalities in food supply.

The contents of this edition include:

  • Agroecology: A Tool for the Realization of the Right to Food
  • Workshopping the Criminalization of Human Rights Defenders
  • Tackling the Transnationals: How to Regulate Big Business?
  • Undermining the Accountability Process - the Mubende-Neumann Case
  • Brazil's Shame: The Ongoing Struggle of the Guarani-Kaiówa
  • Food Security: Legitimizing Rhetoric for Land Grabbing?
  • The Land of Milk and Honey? - The Right to Food in Germany
  • Book Review - Governing Food Security: Law, Politics and the Right to Food

Edited by Wilma Strothenke and Alana Mann
Published by FIAN International
June 2011