| 10-12-2015

Right to Food Journal 2015

On the occasion of Human Rights Day, FIAN International releases its annual publication, ‘Right to Food Journal’. The publication puts under the spotlight the increasing influence of transnational corporations over policy-making, as well as its detrimental impact on the realization of the human right to food and nutrition.

  • Stopping the Corporate Snowball – Editorial by Anita Klum
  • People’s sovereignty and the primacy of human rights – By Rolf Künnemann
  • Identifying the Patterns: Crimes and Abuses by TNCs – By Ana María Suarez Franco and Daniel Fyfe
  • A Role for the Private Sector in Tackling Malnutrition? – By Flavio Valente and Laura Michéle
  • Honduras: A Charter City amidst a Tattered Society – By Ismael Moreno
  • The Impact of Mining Industry on Women’s Rights in Latin America – By Lina Solano Ortiz
  • Right to Land and Water, a Common Struggle – By Steering Committee of Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles – West Africa
  • TNCs as Human Rights Holders: People’s Sovereignty at Stake – By Angélica Castañeda Flores
  • Recognizing the Rights of the Rural World – By Henry Simarmata
  • Will Nepal Walk the Talk? – By Sarba Raj Khadka
  • India: Tea Plantations, A Trigger for Hunger – by Yifang Slot-Tang
  • Publications   By FIAN International
  • In the Pipeline – By Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition