| 07-10-2013

Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2013 - Alternatives and Resistance to Policies that Generate Hunger

The Right to Food and Nutrition Watch monitors national, regional and global food security and nutrition policies from a human rights perspective, to detect and document violations as well as situations that increase the likelihood of violations and the non-implementation of human rights obligations that lead to policy failures.

Contributors to     Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2013 have identified tpologies of policies that do harm, and  offer alternative approaches to address hunge. These policy alternatives are rooted in people’s knowledge and their  experience gained through daily struggles to preserve their livelihoods. Rights holders—the people, their communities, their organizations and their social movements—are  the most important actors when it comes to the design and implementation of policies that affect their livelihoods  More participatory models that engage small producers in  identifying the kind of development they want and need  is clearly a better way to ensure the achievement of the right to food and nutrition for all.

More information at     www.rtfn-watch.org