| 28-05-2012

Philippines: Supreme Court’s ruling on Hacienda Luisita needs immediate action to guarantee the right to food of 6,296 farmworkers

On April 24, 2012, almost 10 years after the farm workers of Hacienda Luisita petitioned for the cancellation of the Stock Distribution Option (SDO) - a non-transfer scheme of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) which merely distributes corporate stocks in lieu of land - the Supreme Court finally reaffirmed its earlier decision to revoke the SDO and order land redistribution to the landless farm workers. This ruling needs to become final and executory, and all necessary support services must be provided to the farm workers during the transition process as well as the post-distribution phase - otherwise land redistribution appears and remains only a victory on paper.  

Please write to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, with a copy to the President of the Philippines and the Secretary of the Department of Agrarian Reform, requesting him to act on the April 24, 2012 decision, and likewise take all necessary measures so the land can be finally distributed to the 6,296 farm workers and their families in order to guarantee their right to food.