| 26-06-2015

Mali to host next Global Dialogue on the Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition

The event will serve as a platform to share and build knowledge in fighting hunger and in human rights in West Africa.

Weeks after the last session in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the next Global Dialogue lands in Bamako, engaging with national governments' representatives and grassroots organizations from across West Africa. Organized by the     National Coordination of Peasants' Organizations (CNOP), together with the     Centre for Equity Studies (CES) and FIAN International, the event will serve as a platform to share and build knowledge in fighting hunger and human rights. 

For two consecutive days starting on 28th June, policy endeavors and developments around the right to adequate food and nutrition in Brazil, India, Mali and other West African countries will be showcased and discussed. After being kicked off by the Malian Ministry of Rural Development, the first day will include the presentation of the strategies for tackling food and nutrition insecurity in Mali, as well as of the laws and programs that brought about success in Brazil and India.  

Brazil and India represent two distinct experiences of significant state efforts to advance the progressive realization of the human right to food and nutrition, and their examples may therefore be insightful for others. Brazil and India will not be presented as models for emulation, but rather as a source of indicating viable choices when countries work on policies and program towards ensuring food security.

Participants will be playing a major role on the second day, which will be devoted to the exchange of views around strategic issues such as “major challenges concerning food and nutrition security in your country” and “extent to which the Brazil and Indian experiences provide guidance to tackle hunger and malnutrition.”

The participation of the Malian government, as well as of the Malian Convergence against Land Grabbing (CMAT), will provide a unique opportunity to debate and build knowledge on the country’s policy endeavors to ensure food security as well as make this next Global Dialogue distinctive. 

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