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Urgent Action | 09-12-2014
Nepal Water

Urgent Action Nepal - Laxmanpur Dam

Despite legal obligations of the state and various complaints lodged by the affected people and human rights defenders before the respective administrative and national mechanisms, including the Natio...

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Urgent Action | 16-04-2014
Agrarian Reform Philippines

Urgent Action: Right to food violated in Hacienda Matias, Philippines

500 tenant-farmers and their families in Hacienda Matias continue suffering food insecurity and harassment

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Urgent Action | 19-02-2014
Agrarian Reform Peasants' Rights Philippines

FIAN launches Urgent Action on Hacienda Luisita, Philippines

Right to food of 6,212 farmers in Hacienda Luisita is threatened despite the issuance of land titles

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Urgent Action | 17-02-2014
Agrarian Reform Hacienda Luisita Peasants' Rights Philippines

Urgent Action - Philippines Hacienda Luisita

BackgroundPhilippines' national agrarian reform program - Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) - took effect in 1988, with an aim to distribute all agricultural lands beyond five hectares to l...

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Campaign | 04-06-2013
Brazil Guarani Indigenous Peoples Natural Resources

Petition to Brazilian Government

1. The Guarani-kaiowá community

Over 40 thousand Guarani-kaiowá live in Southern Mato Grosso do Sul in conditions of confinement, unable to live in accordance with their culture and traditions. The...

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Urgent Action | 25-10-2012

Petition: Brazil- Guarani Kaiowa

The Brazilian National Congress intends to transfer the administrative process for the demarcation of indigenous lands from the executive branch of the goverment to the legislature, replacing techinic...

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Urgent Action | 16-10-2012

Urgent Action - Mozambique Niassa Province

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