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Bolivia: human rights must prevail

Organizations around the world call for an end to violence amidst human rights violations in Bolivia. 

Following a Coup d’état in Bolivia on November 10, civil society organizations from different parts of the world requested Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, to direct immediate attention and action to halt ongoing human rights violations in the country. 

At least 17 people have killed in demonstrations so far. As U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights recently warned, repression and disproportionate use of force by the national army and police risk worsening the human rights situation in Bolivia.

FIAN International cannot but express condemnation for the breach of the constitutional and democratic order, as well as for all acts of hatred and violence committed against indigenous and peasant peoples, as well as human rights defenders during this time. Given the national and regional human rights implications of a Coup, action to protect the human rights of all Bolivians is urgently needed.

Together with other organizations, FIAN International urges the UN to strongly condemn the human rights violations committed in the Plurinational State of Bolivia as a result of the Coup d’état. The UN must take all the necessary measures to ensure an adequate investigation is put in place to identify human rights violations and to safeguard human rights, peace and democracy in the country. 

Read the letter to Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.
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