Press Release | 10-12-2018
Peasants' Rights

Facing old ghosts, envisioning the future: Human Rights Declaration turns 70

FIAN International recalls that human rights have an important role to play in overcoming intersecting structural oppression

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News | 29-11-2018

Food and Human Rights: Fighting Against Hunger

FIAN International launches its first ever global week of action to shed light on existing threats to our right to food, as well as to encourage those...

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Press Release | 20-11-2018
Peasants' Rights

UN Peasants’ Declaration about to cross the finishing line

After yesterday’s vote, the Declaration just needs the green light by the General Assembly plenary in December.

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Press Release | 19-11-2018
Monitoring and Accountability Extraterritorial Obligations

Austerity policies double food insecurity in Greece

New research on the impacts of austerity measures on food and agriculture in the country.

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News | 14-11-2018
Natural Resources Seeds

The “cutting-edge” technology that puts human rights and ecosystems at risk

The so-called ‘gene drives’ are being promoted by the biotechnology industry as the new magic formula to address health and food challenges, despite...

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Press Release | 25-10-2018
Global Governance Extraterritorial Obligations Gender

Treaty on TNCs and human rights:the next challenge is draft 1

Prospect of regulating corporations to prevent human rights abuses and violations draws nearer after vibrant discussions at the UN.

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Press Release | 15-10-2018
Nutrition Monitoring and Accountability GNRtFN

The food that feeds the world: An analysis in the digital era-

On the occasion of World Food Day, the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition launches “When Food Becomes Immaterial: Confronting the...

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News | 15-10-2018
Monitoring and Accountability

Time for human rights-based SOFIN?

Ahead of this year’s negotiations at the Committee on World Food Security, FIAN International issues a critical assessment of the 2018 State of Food...

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News | 08-10-2018
Monitoring and Accountability

A people’s perspective on the most violated right in the world

A civil society-led report draws attention to the main challenges for the right to food and demonstrates that ‘business as usual’ simply does not...

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Press Release | 28-09-2018
Peasants' Rights Indigenous Peoples Global Governance

Three quarters vote yes to peasants and rural workers’ rights at UN HRC

A wide majority of states have said yes to protecting the future of the rural world -and the planet- despite some potholes along the way.

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