| 27-09-2013

UN experts call on world governments to be guided by the Maastricht Principles

Global Governments are called to follow Maastricht Principles as part of their Extraterritorial Obligations (ETOs)

On September 26, 2013 in Geneva, a group of UN human rights experts urged governments worldwide to consider the set of guidelines on extraterritorial obligations adopted by leading specialists in international law and human rights two years ago in Maastricht, Netherlands, named The Maastricht Principles.

These principles, UN experts argue, are a key tool to address complex contemporary cross-border human right challenges (including global poverty, hunger and food security, and access to water), and clarify the human rights obligations of States beyond national borders.

The call by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on world governments to be guided by the Maastricht Principles recognizes the responsibility States have to guarantee the enjoyment of human rights of people outside of their own country, and point out the current urgency for policy making and international laws to protect and promote human rights.

To read more about this call, please visit the     United Nations Human Rights news website.

Please visit the Extraterritorial Obligations (ETOs) Consortium website to download     The Maastricht Principles.