| 06-03-2017

The right to feed off equality

The next issue of the series “Supporting the Struggles for the Right to Food and Nutrition” looks into how the appalling discrimination women face in rural and urban areas is leading them to being amongst the world’s hungriest and how it is impacting food systems.

Despite being right-holders of all internationally recognized human rights and producing 50% of world food, women face discrimination in all areas of life and are most affected by hunger and malnutrition. While women find themselves without equal access to education, health, employment and other economic opportunities, as well as to land and natural resources in the rural areas, their right to food and nutrition is far from being fulfilled and their role in food production unacknowledged and underestimated.

Increasing overall dispossession of the world commons has significantly affected women’s interaction with the few productive resources upon which they have gained access and control; such as seeds, water and land. In hostile environments, this has been accompanied by sexual attacks and other forms of gender-based violence perpetrated either by public authorities and/or private security officials.

How should States and their laws tackle discrimination of women beyond and walk the walk?  Are traditionally-assigned roles to women and men preventing the way to sustainable and gender-transformative food systems?

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