| 01-02-2013

Urgent Action Extended: Mozambique

In October, FIAN launched an Urgent Action to end violations of the rights of peasants in Niassa province in Mozambique, where industrial tree plantations on 13,000 hectares of land are causing food insecurity for the local population.

The Swedish development agency, Sida, has promoted and financed the establishment of tree plantations in Niassa. In addition, the responsible company, Chikweti Forests of Niassa is a subsidiary of the Swedish-based Global Solidarity Forest Fund (GSFF).

In late September, a delegation of peasants from Mozambique toured Europe in support of their claims. The delegation of the national peasant union, UNAC, met with government representatives and investors in Sweden and other countries in order to explain the problems they are facing and articulate their demands.

While some authorities and investors that stand behind Chikweti have showed a willingness to meet the demands of the delegation, the human rights violations in Niassa have not yet been addressed and the affected communities are still suffering.

Therefore, UNAC has requested that FIAN  continue to increase the pressure on the Swedish government to address the demands of the communities, i.e., to conduct a human rights assessment of Swedish development aid to Mozambique, to regulate investors operating from Sweden and to introduce a monitoring mechanism to track business enterprises’ activities.

To that end, FIAN International is extending this urgent action through April 30, 2013.      Please join us in supporting the Niassa community.