| 17-11-2014

Right to Food Journal 2014 is launched

The 2014 edition of the Right to Food Journal highlights the advantages of working with the broadened concept of the human right to adequate food and nutrition.

For instance, civil society organizations and social movements have been working intensely in the last months to critically accompany the preparation process for the second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) taking place in November 2014 in Rome 22 years after the first conference on the topic.

Civil society claims that ICN2, an inter-governmental meeting on nutrition jointly organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), follows a fragmented conceptual approach to food security and nutrition, which hinders the holistic analysis of the root causes of all forms of malnutrition and leads to the elaboration of a set of policy proposals incoherent with the full realization of the right to food and nutrition.

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From the content:

  • Towards the full realization of the Human Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition - by Flavio Valente
  • Can the path towards human rights-compliant, holistic and sustainable food systems serve to unify social struggles? - Report of Seminar by Laura Michéle
  • Can a food systems approach unite social struggles? - by Maryam Rahmanian
  • The Peasant Plan in Brazil: an experience of solidarity between country-side and city and of the unified struggle for the right to adequate food - by Leandro Gaspar Scalabrin
  • G8 New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Africa - A critical analysis from a human rights perspective - by Yifang Slot-Tang
  • Women’s and Children’s Rights and the Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition - Documenting the impact of mining and displacement on women and children in Essakane - by Denisse Córdova Montes and Kossiwavi Ayassou Sawadogo
  • Sawhoyamaxa and the Path towards Dignity - by Julia Cabello Alonso
  • Reclaiming People’s Sovereignty in an era of Corporate Power - by Brid Brennan
  • List of Publications on issues such as Global Strategic Framework, Extraterritorial Obligations, Investment, with a focus on women and the right to food, and a number of countries in Europe, Latin America and India