| 10-04-2018

Policy dialogue spaces and multi-actor platforms

In collaboration with UN FAO, FIAN International launches a paper analyzing the potential and challenges of policy dialogue spaces, such as multi-actor platforms, to advance human rights-based governance of tenure.

The paper describes and analyzes existing experiences of policy dialogue spaces and multi-actor platform in the context of tenure governance, using the provisions of the Committee on World Food Securoty (CFS) Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests as a baseline.

Based on the analysis, the paper formulates some criteria, which states and international institutions need to consider when setting up and/or supporting such spaces. The document thus provides a concrete contribution to the discussion about multi-actor governance approaches, which are increasingly used and promoted by states and international institutions. It concludes that more inclusive governance of tenure can lead to more social justice and food sovereignty, but that mechanisms have to be put in place, which guarantee that the most marginalized groups are the main beneficiaries of tenure governance.

The paper has been produced in cooperation with FAO in the context of the monitoring and implementation of the Tenure Guidelines.

You can download it     here.