| 09-06-2015

‘Hands on the Land’ kicks off at Peoples’ Expo in Milan

With the current food system triggering land grabbing, climate change, hunger and malnutrition, an alliance of 16 European organizations, including FIAN International, present 'Hands on the Land for Food Sovereignty'.

    Launched at the civil society-organized Expo dei Popoli, Milan, the collective campaign will expand upon and support alternative, human rights-based, solutions around the food-energy-land-climate nexus, disregarded at the official Expo 2015.  This Pan-European education and awareness-raising initiative will work towards connecting struggles for food sovereignty across the global North and South. “Land, water, seeds and other natural resources are a matter of fundamental human rights concern, and are at the core of any vision for a sustainable and shared planet,” the campaign emphasizes. 

In the European context, the campaign will besides work towards engaging EU development cooperation policy on the pressing problems associated with the current governance of natural resources and its devastating impacts on the world’s poorest. This will include advocating for policies and programs that support a system treating food, land, water, seeds and nature as part of the common heritage instead of market commodities. 

For more information, please visit     Hands on the Land and follow     #HandsontheLand.

For media enquiries, please contact     Seufert[at]fian.org