| 29-11-2018

Food and Human Rights: Fighting Against Hunger

FIAN International launches its first ever global week of action to shed light on existing threats to our right to food, as well as to encourage those who want to join the fight for social justice.

Why a week of action?

After some years of progress, there has been a rise in world hunger. The absolute number of undernourished people has increased to nearly 821 million, bringing us back to levels from almost a decade ago. If we speak of malnutrition, rates are even higher: overweight, obesity and diet-related diseases such as stroke, diabetes and some types of cancers, are at their highest point in history.

There is enough food to feed the world’s population. Yet, the right to food is arguably the most violated right in the world! The reasons are multiple: from barriers to access land and other natural resources to obtain adequate and fresh food, to the increasing presence of highly-industrialized products in our diets.
The current situation is not natural or accidental, but the result of misguided policies, actions and omissions.     This is why, we need to take action!

7 days, 7 threats

From 3-9 December, FIAN International will be shedding light on some of the existing threats behind those shocking and ever-increasing numbers. Often unnoticed by the public eye or particular to contemporary times, these threats range from authoritarian regimes and xenophobic forces to the current use of technologies and environmental destruction. 

These are not particular to one country or region, but happen worldwide and manifest in a number of ways. Sometimes, we don’t even realize.
How can I support?

You can follow all updates via our social media channels and spread the word during the week. The more people are aware about how our human rights are under attack, the better. You can also speak up and tell us how you feel your right to food is being violated under #RightToFoodWeek.
If you want to, you can also support our work by donating. This will ensure we continue to contribute to protecting the human rights of all populations, as well as the children of your children. Every contribution is welcome, just click     here!