| 16-12-2014

FIAN India celebrates its 25th anniversary

Marking its existence since 1989, Indian chapters across the country celebrate their 25th anniversary as constituencies of FIAN International

On 5 December 2014, a National Consultation titled "Right to Food: Sustainability and Concerns" was held at the Constitution Club in New Delhi as part of the celebration, organized by FIAN India along with FIAN Delhi.

The gathering received numerous guests including foreign and states representatives of FIAN, members of various like-minded organizations, such as MCRC, The Child Trust, Indo-Global Social Service Society, Caritas India, Child Rights and You, Dan Church Aid, Working Group on Human Rights, the Center for Human Rights Initiative Training and Research Association (CHITRA), as well as village heads and community members from the National Capital Region (NPR) and Uttar Pradesh.

An inaugural speech was given by Dr. E. M. Sudarsana Natchiappan, co-founder and President of the Parliamentary Forum on Human Rights, reaffirming the need for people to voice and demand the local governments to properly implement the National Food Security Act (NFSA).

On the occasion, Ms. Suman, President of FIAN Delhi, shared her views considering the alarming data of 22% people living below the poverty line, and the lack of food choice given to people according to their dietary preferences: "The self-dependency of the citizens is being taken away... Governments need to bring a more universalized approach to food security with a women-centric focus in policy and implementation while ensuring right to food to its people, as women are the main food provider in the family", she added.

In the valley of Araku, a home to Adivasis (indigenous people) in the Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh, FIAN Andhra Pradesh celebrated the 25th anniversary of FIAN India on December 8th, 2014. Guests were welcomed by the traditional dance of "Dimsa" and a short drama. More than 450 people of Araku Valley from eight neighboring villages gathered to commence the historic celebration of FIAN India.

"Today we are joyful to celebrate our 25th anniversary in the remote village of Sunnammetta with the participation of the local inhabitants. We strongly feel the unity with these communities who appreciate our presence as the only organization that has visited and listened to their concerns in relation to their human right to adequate food and nutrition", said Ravi T Kumar, the President of FIAN Andhra Pradesh.

Nowdays, FIAN India is proud to be active in the following states: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and West Bengal, and hopes to continue strengthening the work on the struggles for the right to food in this country.