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CSOs call for a truly democratic UN Food Systems Summit

Hundreds of NGOs raise concerns over the role of the World Economic Forum in the 2021 summit.

Corporations in the global industrial chain alone are big drivers of ecological destruction and increasing hunger and malnutrition rates. And yet, the UN is turning to them to solve the world’s crises.

The UN has announced the launch of a Food Systems Summit in 2021. This is great, as the world urgently needs more inclusive and sustainable systems tackling the challenges of climate change. Yet, the World Economic Forum, representing powerful companies, is expected to be behind the organization of the Summit, as strategic partner of the UN.

Once more, hundreds of NGOs worldwide are calling on the UN Secretary General to terminate the UN-WEF partnership agreement, signed last year, and rethink the organization of the summit. 

The UN should build instead on the successful innovations in democratic food governance. These are the result of the work of civil society organizations and social movements representing those most affected by hunger and malnutrition.

Join us to #StopUNWEF and support democratic food governance.
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