| 23-09-2014

CSO Statement to the ICN 2 Open Ended Working Group

Document prepared as a joint effort by the public interest civil society organizations actively engaging in the preparatory process for the International Conference on Nutrition 2

Over 200 public interest civil society organisations, social movements and networks have prepared a joint statement outlining their core demands and concerns with regard to the draft ICN2     Political Declaration and     Framework for Action, both to be adopted at the     second International Conference on Nutrition which will be held in November this year.

The statement has been distributed to all State representatives present in     today's Open-Ended Working Group meeting in Geneva and is being read out as possible by the seven civil society delegates which have been allowed to participate in the meeting (together with a similar number of private sector representatives).

The OEWG meeting aims to finalize the Political Declaration and produce recommendations to the ICN2 Joint FAO and WHO Secretariat for finalizing the Framework of Action.

More information on the meeting as well as the draft outcome documents under revision can be found at     http://www.who.int/nutrition/topics/WHO_FAO_announce_ICN2/en/