| 22-11-2016

Cooling the Planet: Frontline communities lead the struggle

The Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles releases its first report to boost political consciousness and support mass based movements in their resistance against the privatization agendas.

During a public event held in Paris in December 2015 at the time of the COP21, representatives of frontline communities discussed and denounced the false solutions to the climate crisis, and promoted the real solutions that are rooted in peoples’ knowledge and experiences. They stressed how converging provides hope, opportunities and solidarity and, importantly, advances the struggle for systemic change.

The purpose of this report is to amplify the voices of frontline communities and to share the political messages of the 16 social movement leaders – who participated in the meeting – with the masses who form the base of social movements all over the world. The report is meant to trigger deepened political consciousness and to support mass based movements in their resistance against the privatization agendas, which are promoted by the political and economic elites.

The report itself is a product of joint collaboration between many social movements and allied organizations from all over the world. More than twenty groups have contributed to the writing of the report and many more assisted with preparations and the implementation of a public event in Paris during the COP21.

You can download the report     here.


  • This is a joint production between frontline communities and allied organizations, including FIAN International, emanating from the struggles on the ground.