| 29-09-2016

Civil Society mobilizes to guarantee an independent Inter-American system

A political and financial crisis has engulfed the work of the Inter-American Commission on (IACHR) and Inter-American Court of Human Rights, putting at risk the only human rights mechanisms in the region, which are binding for governments in the promotion and protection of human rights.

Civil society stresses it is unacceptable that Member States of the Organization of American States (OAS) allow this financial situation to reach a point whereby the Commission has to consider firing 40 percent of its staff, cancel meetings and hearings.

Civil society organizations and social movements in the region are mobilizing to hold their governments accountable, not only for their obligation to guarantee the sustainable functioning of the system, but for their commitment to increase its independence and effectiveness.

As for the the upcoming OAS general Assembly, which will meet in October to discuss an emergency financial and strategic plan for OAS, a cluster of civil society organizations issued a     Public Letter to the President of the IACHR, Mr James Cavallaro, warning him about the threat of private, corporate and foundational funding of the Commission.

Civil society organizations and social movements are invited to subscribe to the public letter and are encouraged to organize and pressurize their governments at country level, by 12 october, so this issue is taken seriously and a concrete proposal towards the protection and strengthening of an independent inter-American human rights system is on the table.

To subscribe to the public letter, please contact     valente(at)fian.org