| 10-03-2017

2016, a year of awakening, transformation and revolution

Amid times of change, FIAN International continued supporting struggles for the right to food and nutrition, says its annual report.

In addition to monitoring human rights violations, the organization continued to play an important role in facilitating civil society and social movement engagement in key policy processes. From Mato Groso do Sul to the Asian Indo-Nepal border, passing through Camotán and Mubende, FIAN International’s Annual Report 2016, conducts a concise review of all its work throughout the year. It reviews key areas of action as well as the advocacy and campaigning efforts at national, regional and international levels.

As echoed by FIAN International’s Secretary General Sofia Monsalve, activities were carried out within a context of change. In her words, last year was about awakening, transformation and revolution at its broadest scope: “Alternative ways of thinking, for better or worse, emerged stronger than ever, shaking the foundations of what some considered stable systems. Unfortunately, in some countries, the loudest voices have often triggered revertism and the weakening of human rights”. As things stand now, she says, “not only does advancing human rights seem challenging, but the progress made is on the line. And this is precisely why we need to take action.”

Presenting a vision of the future, the report further reaffirms that to ensure the structural causes of food insecurity and malnutrition are addressed, the groups most affected must remain center stage in any decision-making process and policy space. 

You can read the report     here

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