Right to Food and Nutrition Watch

Press Release | 15-10-2018
GNRtFN Monitoring and Accountability Nutrition

The food that feeds the world: An analysis in the digital era-

On the occasion of World Food Day, the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition launches “When Food Becomes Immaterial: Confronting the Digital Age”, exploring the impact of technologies on what and how we eat, as well as on how food is produced

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News | 16-10-2017
Extraterritorial Obligations Global Governance GNRtFN Nutrition

Hungry for Change

Former UN Rapporteur on the Right to Food Jean Ziegler and FIAN International’s Secretary General Sofia Monsalve point to the ongoing food crisis in an opinion article for TeleSUR

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Press Release | 26-09-2017

A world food crisis that never went away

The 2007/2008 crisis that pushed the number of people living in hunger to one billion and compromised the human rights of many more, never really went away, the 2017 Right to Food and Nutrition Watch warns.

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Press Release | 18-11-2016
Global Governance GNRtFN Peasants' Rights Seeds

Human rights approach for EU action on seeds

The EU launch of the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2016 allowed the first public debate within the European Parliament on the international dimension of seed policies and regulations as well as the implicit role of the EU.

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Press Release | 03-11-2016
Natural Resources Seeds Belgium

EU launch puts seeds back on the table

The European Parliament will host the Brussels launch of the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2016, bringing back discussions over the monopolization and privatization of seeds as well as the increasing criminalization of human rights defenders.

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Press Release | 13-10-2016
GNRtFN Monitoring and Accountability Natural Resources Seeds

Keeping Seeds in Peoples’ Hands

Launched at FAO Headquarters, the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2016 warns seeds and biodiversity are under threat as a result of the increasing corporate capture and the states’ neglect.

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Press Release | 12-10-2015
GNRtFN Monitoring and Accountability

“Peoples’ Nutrition Is Not a Business” released at FAO

The Watch 2015 was launched at FAO Headquarters, unveiling key findings around nutrition and the impact of business operations on food policies. Welcoming its release, representatives from civil society, social movements and the UN came together to exchange views about current approaches to nutrition.

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Report | 08-10-2014
Belgium Colombia Guatemala India

Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2014 -Ten Years of the Right to Food Guidelines: Gains, Concerns and Struggles

Arguably the single most violated human right in the world, the right to adequate food and nutrition is contending with the emergence of growing threats posed by corporate and economic interests that are increasingly gaining influence in policy spaces and taking control of food systems and natural resources worldwide. In view of this alarming trend, social mobilization and resistance are more critical now than ever before.

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Events | 14-07-2014
GNRtFN Monitoring and Accountability

Civil society assesses progress on the Right to Food

A CSO consultation meeting was held in Rome in preparation for the 10th anniversary of the Right to Food Guidelines

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Report | 07-10-2013
Gender Global Governance GNRtFN Land Grabbing

Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2013 - Alternatives and Resistance to Policies that Generate Hunger

The Right to Food and Nutrition Watch monitors national, regional and global food security and nutrition policies from a human rights perspective, to detect and document violations as well as situations that increase the likelihood of violations and the non-implementation of human rights obligations that lead to policy failures.

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