For a binding treaty on TNCs!

Until now Transnational Corporations (TNCs) and other business have escaped international regulation and ensured, that they face nothing but guidelines and unenforced policies when it comes to States' obligations to protect human rights. It is of historic significance that the UN Human Rights Council is now calling on governments to work on a human rights treaty to regulate TNCs and other business.

Our governments and the EU are always very active when it comes to agreements to protect investors or trade in order to increase corporate profit to the detriment of human rights and peoples' sovereignty. Now that a treaty is up for negotiations that would regulate TNCs and other business, they have been boycotting the negotiations. It is high time now for a policy change and for the European States and EU to join the negotiations for a human rights treaty on TNCs and other business enterprises.

European governments have responded to previous requests of this nature by raising stereotype concerns. In the following petition we want to send a strong signal that these concerns are not genuine and that we see the European States instead trying to evade their obligations to protect the enjoyment of human rights against TNCs and other business.

In order to avoid further political damage at home and abroad, European States and the EU should join the IGWG efforts and start negotiating actively and constructively towards a meaningful human rights treaty on TNCs and other business.



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