Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition

After two years of consultation, the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition was publicly launched on 24 June 2013.

The launch of the network was a milestone in building joint action of public interest civil society organizations and social movements to act in concert for the realization of one of the most violated human rights worldwide - the human right to adequate food and nutrition.

The Network is an initiative of public interest civil society organizations and international social movements, including peasants, fisherfolk, pastoralists, indigenous peoples, and food and agricultural workers.

The Network opens a space for dialogue and mobilization of its members to hold States accountable for their obligation to realize the right to food and nutrition. It supports the struggles of social movements and groups that, as a result of standing up to violations of these rights, may suffer from repression, violence, and criminalization. Additionally the Network will work towards ending the impunity of state-condoned human rights violations and of non-state actors human rights abuses.

Read the Network Call to Action here.

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Press Release | 13-10-2016
GNRtFN Monitoring and Accountability Natural Resources Seeds

Keeping Seeds in Peoples’ Hands

Launched at FAO Headquarters, the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2016 warns seeds and biodiversity are under threat as a result of the increasing corporate capture and the states’ neglect.

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News | 01-05-2016
Gender GNRtFN Income and Social Security India

Indian tea workers, a life without dignity

On the occasion of International Labor Day, the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition (GNRTFN) releases a report on the dire working and living conditions that tea plantations workers face in Assam and West Bengal, two tea producing regions in India.

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Report | 28-04-2016
Gender GNRtFN Income and Social Security Nutrition

A life without dignity – the price of your cup of tea

In sharp contrast to the images of tranquil, lush, green tea gardens, with which consumers are presented, tea plantation workers are paid poverty wages and endure appalling working conditions. Women, who make up 70% of the workforce, are especially affected.

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Press Release | 24-03-2016

Struggles converge like tributaries of river

Representing more than 60 social movements and public interest civil society organizations, members and supporters of the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition (GNRtFN), met in Dakar, providing international support to the West African Caravan for the Right to Land, Water and Seeds.

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News | 26-01-2016
GNRtFN Land Grabbing Natural Resources Seeds

Caravan for Land, Water and Seeds to mobilize West Africa

A caravan by the Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles – West Africa will go across the region to get the voices of communities heard and engage national authorities in the realization of the right to food and all related rights.

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Press Release | 10-12-2015
Extraterritorial Obligations Gender Global Governance GNRtFN

Keeping up the fight against the corporate snowball effect

On the occasion of Human Rights Day, FIAN International releases its annual publication, ‘Right to Food Journal’. The publication puts under the spotlight the increasing influence of transnational corporations over policy-making, as well as its detrimental impact on the realization of the human right to food and nutrition.

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Press Release | 04-12-2015
Gender GNRtFN Income and Social Security India

Abuse and violation of the human right to food and nutrition in India tea gardens

An International Fact Finding Mission (FFM) headed by the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition (GNRtFN) visited tea plantations in Assam and West Bengal from 27th November 2015 to 4th December 2015.

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Press Release | 12-10-2015
GNRtFN Monitoring and Accountability

“Peoples’ Nutrition Is Not a Business” released at FAO

The Watch 2015 was launched at FAO Headquarters, unveiling key findings around nutrition and the impact of business operations on food policies. Welcoming its release, representatives from civil society, social movements and the UN came together to exchange views about current approaches to nutrition.

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Press Release | 27-07-2015
GNRtFN Nepal

Moving towards greater convergence of all struggles

At a time when people’s human rights are being undermined by corporate capture, patriarchy, gender-based violence and conflicts, members from the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition gathered in Nepal, culminating with a joint statement.

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Events | 26-06-2015
GNRtFN Land Grabbing Nutrition Benin

Mali to host next Global Dialogue on the Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition

The event will serve as a platform to share and build knowledge in fighting hunger and in human rights in West Africa.

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