Global Governance

Land grabbing protests - CFS 2010
At first glance, the question "who decides about food and nutrition?" seems to be a rhetorical one.  It would seem natural that the people themselves make decisions about their own nutrition. The right to decide and to control one’s own food is inherent to the human right to adequate food.  This decision is to be made by the rights-holders themselves.  However, in reality, hundreds of millions of people on this planet, especially those most affected by hunger and malnutrition, have lost the power to make these decisions, at least in part.

The power of decision making

The human rights approach, as outlined in the     Right to Food Guidelines,  "includes certain key principles: the need to enable individuals to realize the right to take part in the conduct of public affairs, the right to freedom of expression and the right to seek, receive and impart information, including in relation to decision making about policies on realizing the right to adequate food."

As a result, based on the principles of universality, interdependency, indivisibility and the interrelation of all human rights, people are fully entitled to enjoy the rights to information and participation in decision making on food and nutrition issues, and to hold duty bearers accountable.

There is a growing international consensus on the need for governance reform.  Emphasis was placed on the reform of the     Committee on World Food Security (CFS) which was successfully adopted in October 2009.

FIAN's Work

FIAN, together with others within the     International Food Security and Nutrition Civil Society Mechanism, works towards a human rights based     Global Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition.

The     Right to Food and Nutrition Watch has published several articles on the questions of Global Governance.


Latest News

News | 24-01-2018
Global Governance Monitoring and Accountability Natural Resources Nutrition

Is your right to food realized?

As human rights continue to regress, it is time to raise our voice and hold our governments accountable.

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Press Release | 06-11-2017
Agrarian Reform Agrofuels Extraterritorial Obligations Gender

New strategy to empower the people, dismantle corporate influence

Convening in Nepal, FIAN representatives the world over identified the current struggles for the right to food and nutrition and strategized about building people’s power.

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Press Release | 23-10-2017
Extraterritorial Obligations Global Governance

Regaining state power over TNCs: UN negotiates treaty

The third UN session to negotiate a treaty on transnational corporations (TNCs) and human rights kicks off amid wide mobilization.

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News | 16-10-2017
Extraterritorial Obligations Global Governance GNRtFN Nutrition

Hungry for Change

Former UN Rapporteur on the Right to Food Jean Ziegler and FIAN International’s Secretary General Sofia Monsalve point to the ongoing food crisis in an opinion article for TeleSUR

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Press Release | 09-10-2017
Global Governance Nutrition

CFS, more than a talk shop for best practices

If the political role of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) is not strengthened, we will continue to move further away from ending global hunger.

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Press Release | 12-09-2017
Agrarian Reform Agrofuels Climate Change Extraterritorial Obligations

The World Food Crisis: The Way Out

With the world still trapped in a multifold crisis, this year’s Right to Food and Nutrition Watch will take stock of the past decade and present thought-provoking discussions and alternative solutions for finding our way out.

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Press Release | 17-07-2017
Extraterritorial Obligations Global Governance Peasants' Rights Seeds

After G20 fail, people mobilize in Basque Country

After disheartening for-profit, market-based solutions by G20, hundreds of delegates of La Via Campesina (LVC), representing 200 million people, kick off discussions on pressing issues affecting the world’s population.

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News | 26-06-2017
Global Governance

Inter-American human rights system makes history by doubling its budget

The OAS Member States voted for a twofold increase in the resources allocated to the Inter-American human rights system, thereby guaranteeing its autonomy and independence.

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Press Release | 29-05-2017
Global Governance Nutrition

Fighting big business interest in health governance

The increasing corporate influence in global health governance is pointed out at the 70th World Health Assembly.

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Press Release | 22-05-2017
Global Governance Land Grabbing Peasants' Rights

One step closer to UN declaration

Intensive negotiations at the UN Human Rights Council conclude with deepened understanding of rural peoples’ rights and with the UN Intergovernmental Working Group gearing up for a 5th session.

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