Extraterritorial Obligations

Ecuador 2010 - Mining Protest
While states' obligations under human rights are often seen as being related primarily to persons in their respective territories, in times of globalization, the access of people to food and resources is increasingly influenced by acts or omissions of foreign states, intergovernmental organizations, or by transnational corporations outside their territories.  Extraterritorial obligations (ETOs) have therefore gained importance in the fields of development assistance, trade and investment, and the regulation of transnational corporations.

FIAN is a member of the ETO Consortium - a network of some 80 civil society organizations and academics worldwide (www.etoconsortium.org).  Its purpose is to address the current shortcomings of the interpretation of human rights within a globalized context by mainstreaming states' extraterritorial obligations.  FIAN acts as the secretariat to the ETO Consortium. Consortium members campaign with states, and at the UN level for the application of ETOs in policy fields such as:


Financial Regulation, Corruption, Trade, Investment, IPR, Regulation of TNCs, Extractive Industries, Land grabbing, Climate change and Eco-destruction, Development, Accountability of Intergovernmental organizations

Latest News

News | 15-04-2016
Extraterritorial Obligations

How can States make good use of extraterritorial human rights obligations?

“12 policies how States can make good use of extraterritorial human rights obligations” is the third of a series of informative and inspirational booklets published by the Secretariat of the ETO Consortium.

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News | 14-03-2016
Extraterritorial Obligations Global Governance

Taking steps to fight TNCs impunity

While welcoming the first report of the Open-ended IGWG on transnational corporations and other business enterprises with respect to human rights, FIAN International reiterates to States that public policy spaces are being captured by big business.

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Press Release | 10-12-2015
Extraterritorial Obligations Gender Global Governance GNRtFN

Keeping up the fight against the corporate snowball effect

On the occasion of Human Rights Day, FIAN International releases its annual publication, ‘Right to Food Journal’. The publication puts under the spotlight the increasing influence of transnational corporations over policy-making, as well as its detrimental impact on the realization of the human right to food and nutrition.

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Press Release | 15-10-2015
Extraterritorial Obligations Nutrition

World Food Day: an opportunity to reflect on corporate influence

FIAN International welcomes achievements towards eradicating hunger but regrets current trends furthering the influence of corporations over food and nutrition policies.

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Press Release | 15-09-2015
Extraterritorial Obligations Indigenous Peoples Land Grabbing Brazil

Voluntary instruments prove inadequate to protect human rights

Civil society calls on Brazil and the EU to support the development of a binding instrument on transnational corporations with respect to human rights and condemns private sector bias in the country.

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News | 05-08-2015
Extraterritorial Obligations

Written submission to IGWG on TNCs and Human Rights

FIAN International contributes further to the UN historic negotiations on transnational corporations and business enterprises with regards to human rights.

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Press Release | 10-07-2015
Extraterritorial Obligations Global Governance

A victory vis-a-vis the upcoming UN Treaty on TNCs and human rights

Despite the EU’s pro-business attempts to derail the talks, discussions at the first UN IGWG session were enriching and fruitful.

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Press Release | 02-07-2015
Extraterritorial Obligations Global Governance

Week of Action to Stop Corporate Impunity

In parallel with the first session of the UN intergovernmental working group, human rights advocates from across the world will gather in Geneva to denounce corporate abuse and impunity.

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Press Release | 30-06-2015
Extraterritorial Obligations Land Grabbing Mubende

Uganda urged to give land back to Mubende’s evicted community

The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural and Social Rights (CESCR) calls on the State of Uganda to take immediate measures to ensure that the rights of those forcibly evicted from Mubende District are restored.

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Press Release | 08-06-2015
Extraterritorial Obligations Land Grabbing Uganda Mubende

Victims of human rights violations in Uganda still waiting for redress

Progress achieved in addressing the situation of the 4000 evictees in Mubende will again be under review, at the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural and Social Rights.

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