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Report | 22-10-2015
Monitoring and Accountability Guatemala

Presentation of report on the 3rd International Mission to Guatemala

Organizations, networks and social movements publish the long-awaited report on the 3rd International Mission on the Right to Adequate Food and...

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Statement | 15-10-2015

Civil Society Mechanism welcomes decision on water at CFS 42

As one of the main prerequisites to ensure the realization of the human right to adequate food and nutrition, water was on the table at the Committee...

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Statement | 25-09-2015
Global Governance

SDGs to be defined by human rights instead of corporate agenda

Ahead of the UN Sustainable Development Summit, FIAN International calls on Member States to base their policy-making on human rights rather than on a...

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Statement | 21-09-2015
Climate Change

Once again NO to ‘Climate Smart Agriculture’

A year after the launch of the Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture, and ahead of Paris COP 21, 320 civil society organizations say “NO” to...

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Statement | 15-09-2015
Extraterritorial Obligations Land Grabbing Indigenous Peoples Brazil

Voluntary instruments prove inadequate to protect human rights

Civil society calls on Brazil and the EU to support the development of a binding instrument on transnational corporations with respect to human rights...

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Open Letter | 07-09-2015
Indigenous Peoples Brazil

Action after fatal attack on the Ñande Ru Marangatú community urged

FIAN International and its section in Brazil call on Brazilian government bodies to take urgent measures after the fatal attack on a Guarani-Kaiowa...

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Report | 06-08-2015
Natural Resources Land Grabbing Monitoring and Accountability

Monitoring the Governance of Land, Fisheries and Forests

Given the pressing need to strongly defend the right to land as a human right, a "Monitoring Tool based on the Voluntary Guidelines on the...

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Statement | 05-08-2015
Extraterritorial Obligations

Written submission to IGWG on TNCs and Human Rights

FIAN International contributes further to the UN historic negotiations on transnational corporations and business enterprises with regards to human...

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Legal Brief | 17-07-2015

Statutes FIAN International

Reformed as of International Council Meeting 2014

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Statement | 15-06-2015
Justiciability Land Grabbing Peasants' Rights Paraguay

Curuguaty case: Three years of criminalization and injustice

Three years after the 'Curuguaty Massacre', we continue observing a patent partiality and dilation of justice, and the criminalization of social...

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