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Report | 21-10-2014
Mali Land Grabbing

Land grabbing and human rights in Mali

A new report informs about the human rights violations of communities affected by land grabbing in Mali    Read more

Statement | 18-10-2014
Land Grabbing Global Governance Monitoring and Accountability

World Bank to stop abusing the right to land

A collective statement by civil society and peoples' movements demands the World Bank to stop abusing the right to land and abide by the Tenure Guidelines    Read more

Statement | 16-10-2014
Brazil Global Governance Indigenous Peoples

No Compromise on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples!

A collective statement demanded the protection of indigenous peoples' right of a Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) by the Committee on World Food Security (CFS).    Read more

Statement | 15-10-2014
GNRtFN Monitoring and Accountability

The Right to Adequate Food in 2024 - A Concrete Utopia

At a side event to the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) 41st session on Monday, 13 October, 2014, civil society organizations offered their perspective and views on the achievements and future challenges to the right to...    Read more

Report | 14-10-2014
Income and Social Security

Harvesting Hunger - Plantation Workers and the Right to Food

Although specific data on the nutritional situation of plantation workers is sparse, it can be estimated that roughly 200 million agricultural workers are chronically undernourished.     Read more

Statement | 14-10-2014
Global Governance Income and Social Security Nutrition Monitoring and Accountability

CSOs urge policies coherent with the realization of the right to adequate food and nutrition

A statement by the CSO Delegation to the Open-Ended Working Group of the International Conference On Nutrition 2 (ICN2) expresses disappointment of negotiations on nutrition    Read more

Report | 08-10-2014
Sweden Philippines

Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2014 -Ten Years of the Right to Food Guidelines: Gains, Concerns and Struggles

Arguably the single most violated human right in the world, the right to adequate food and nutrition is contending with the emergence of growing threats posed by corporate and economic interests that are increasingly gaining...    Read more

Report | 07-10-2014
Monitoring and Accountability GNRtFN

10 Years of the Right to Food Guidelines - Progress, Obstacles and the Way Ahead

Civil Society Synthesis Paper for the 41st Session of the UN Committee on World Food Security    Read more

Statement | 23-09-2014

CSO Statement to the ICN 2 Open Ended Working Group

Document prepared as a joint effort by the public interest civil society organizations actively engaging in the preparatory process for the International Conference on Nutrition 2    Read more

Report | 15-09-2014
Gender Income and Social Security Land Grabbing Nutrition

Women agricultural workers and the right to adequate food and nutrition

This paper was published by FIAN International for Hands off the Land Alliance    Read more