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Report | 24-06-2016
Natural Resources Global Governance Water Land Grabbing Peasants' Rights Indigenous Peoples Gender

People’s manual to guide the struggles

Launched this week, the People’s manual on the Guidelines on Governance of Land, Fisheries and Forests will serve as a reference for affected...

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Report | 10-06-2016
Natural Resources Nutrition Extraterritorial Obligations Land Grabbing Monitoring and Accountability Sweden Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso and Sweden under review at UN CESCR Committee

Investments by Swedish National Pension Funds in projects involved in human rights abuses and violations were under the spotlight along with the...

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Report | 06-06-2016
Mining Nutrition Land Grabbing Climate Change Peasants' Rights Indigenous Peoples Gender Monitoring and Accountability Honduras

Alternative report to the State report of Honduras for review by CESCR

This report is submitted by civil society as the alternative report to the second report of the State of Honduras for review by the Committee on...

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Open Letter | 25-05-2016
Monitoring and Accountability Costa Rica Chile Peru Paraguay Colombia Bolivia Argentina Brazil Ecuador Honduras El Salvador Nicaragua Mexico

A billion people need fully functioning IACHR

Human rights organizations from all over the world express deep concern over the severe financial crisis the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights...

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Statement | 13-05-2016
Global Governance Monitoring and Accountability Brazil

Brazil’s political turmoil may risk people’s rights

Civil society organizations and social movements fear that the current political process will worsen the historical violation of peoples’ rights and...

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Report | 28-04-2016
Nutrition Gender Income and Social Security GNRtFN India

A life without dignity – the price of your cup of tea

In sharp contrast to the images of tranquil, lush, green tea gardens, with which consumers are presented, tea plantation workers are paid poverty...

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Policy Brief | Report | 15-04-2016
Extraterritorial Obligations

How can States make good use of extraterritorial human rights obligations?

“12 policies how States can make good use of extraterritorial human rights obligations” is the third of a series of informative and inspirational...

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Policy Brief | 14-04-2016
Peasants' Rights Gender

Rights of rural women finally addressed in General Recommendation No.34

Welcoming the adoption of the first international instrument to address the rights of rural women holistically, FIAN International examines the core...

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Open Letter | 13-04-2016
Indigenous Peoples Honduras

The IACHR should support the investigation

In an open letter, civil society requests the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) to reiterate his support for an...

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