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Statement | 05-08-2015
Extraterritorial Obligations

Written submission to IGWG on TNCs and Human Rights

FIAN International contributes further to the UN historic negotiations on transnational corporations and business enterprises with regards to human...

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Legal Brief | 17-07-2015

Statutes FIAN International

Reformed as of International Council Meeting 2014

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Statement | 15-06-2015
Justiciability Land Grabbing Peasants' Rights Paraguay

Curuguaty case: Three years of criminalization and injustice

Three years after the 'Curuguaty Massacre', we continue observing a patent partiality and dilation of justice, and the criminalization of social...

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Statement | 26-05-2015
Justiciability Extraterritorial Obligations

Enhancing the International Human Rights system vis-a-vis TNCs and other business enterprises

As a member of the so-called Treaty Alliance, FIAN International stresses the need for a legally binding instrument to protect human rights in the...

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Report | 08-04-2015
Mining Nutrition Gender Burkina Faso

Women‘s Perspectives on the Impact of Mining on the Right to Food

A new report by FIAN International     Women‘s Perspectives on the Impact of Mining on the Right to Food highlights the precarious situation of women and...

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Open Letter | 23-03-2015

Revision of EU standards on trade impact assessments

Civil society organizations call for public consultation

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Statement | 18-03-2015
Climate Change Monitoring and Accountability Global Governance

How to realize the right to food in light of climate change?

FIAN International submitted an oral statement in relation to the adverse impacts of climate change on States' efforts to progressively realize the...

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Statement | 10-03-2015
Extraterritorial Obligations Monitoring and Accountability

Statement by FIAN to the Special Rapporteur's first report

FIAN International presented its recommendations to the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Hilal Elver, on the first report presented during the...

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Report | 27-02-2015
Land Grabbing Monitoring and Accountability Mali

The right to food: An assessment of landgrabbing in Mali

Case dossier

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