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Philippines: Right to food of 500 tenant-farmers is threatened in Hacienda Matias

Since 2004, the tenant-farmers in Hacienda Matias have been demanding the distribution of the 1,716 hectare landholding under the national agrarian reform program.

Join our call to demand the Filipino government to fast-track the land redistribution process in order to guarantee the right to food of the tenant-farmers and their families and to put an end to the harassment of the tenants.

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Urgent Action: Philippines - Right to food of 6,212 farmers threatened

Despite having obtained land titles in October 2012 under the Philippines agrarian reform program, the farmworker beneficiaries are still unable to cultivate the awarded land.

Join our call to demand the Filipino government to immediately install the farmworkers in their land and provide essential support services and social protection measures to the farm beneficiaries and their families to ensure their right to food.

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Petition to Brazil: Defend right to territory of indigenous peoples

Join our call to demand the Brazilian authorities not to approve proposed legislations that further undermine basic human rights for Indigenous Peoples of Brazil, and instead to guarantee the right to territory of indigenous people and traditional communities in accordance with the current land titling policy.

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Urgent Action | 16-04-2014
PhilippinesAgrarian Reform

Urgent Action: Right to food violated in Hacienda Matias, Philippines

500 tenant-farmers and their families in Hacienda Matias continue suffering food insecurity and harassment    Read more

Urgent Action | 19-02-2014
PhilippinesAgrarian ReformPeasants' Rights

FIAN launches Urgent Action on Hacienda Luisita, Philippines

Right to food of 6,212 farmers in Hacienda Luisita is threatened despite the issuance of land titles    Read more

Urgent Action | 18-02-2014
Hacienda LuisitaPhilippinesAgrarian ReformPeasants' Rights

Urgent Action - Philippines Hacienda Luisita

BackgroundPhilippines' national agrarian reform program - Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) - took effect in 1988, with an aim to distribute all agricultural lands beyond five hectares to l...    Read more

Urgent Action | 16-10-2012

Urgent Action - Mozambique Niassa Province

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Urgent Action | 24-02-2011
ColombiaPeasants' Rights

Colombia: 123 families returns to the Las Pavas land

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Urgent Action | 04-11-2010
EcuadorAgrarian ReformNatural Resources

Ecuador: Formal distribution of land to land possessing families

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