Extraterritorial Obligations

Ecuador 2010 - Mining Protest
While states' obligations under human rights are often seen as being related primarily to persons in their respective territories, in times of globalization, the access of people to food and resources is increasingly influenced by acts or omissions of foreign states, intergovernmental organizations, or by transnational corporations outside their territories.  Extraterritorial obligations (ETOs) have therefore gained importance in the fields of development assistance, trade and investment, and the regulation of transnational corporations.

FIAN is a member of the ETO Consortium - a network of some 80 civil society organizations and academics worldwide (www.etoconsortium.org).  Its purpose is to address the current shortcomings of the interpretation of human rights within a globalized context by mainstreaming states' extraterritorial obligations.  FIAN acts as the secretariat to the ETO Consortium. Consortium members campaign with states, and at the UN level for the application of ETOs in policy fields such as:


Financial Regulation, Corruption, Trade, Investment, IPR, Regulation of TNCs, Extractive Industries, Land grabbing, Climate change and Eco-destruction, Development, Accountability of Intergovernmental organizations

Latest News

News | 10-03-2017
Extraterritorial Obligations Gender Global Governance GNRtFN

2016, a year of awakening, transformation and revolution

Amid times of change, FIAN International continued supporting struggles for the right to food and nutrition, says its annual report.

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Press Release | 23-01-2017
Extraterritorial Obligations Indigenous Peoples Argentina

Violent repression of Mapuche indigenous community in Argentina

What testimonies described as a disproportionate, and therefore illegitimate, use of force by the police, resulted in several people wounded, arbitrary arrests and destroyed property of community members.

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News | 02-12-2016
Extraterritorial Obligations Nepal

India-Nepal border research visit on extra-territorial state obligations

International research teams looked into the impact of the Laxmanpur barrage and Kalkalwa Afflux dam, as well as the Dhudwa National park on the livelihoods of local populations.

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Press Release | 24-10-2016
Extraterritorial Obligations Global Governance

Week of Mobilization to #StopCorporateAbuse

Timed to coincide with the UN Member State negotiations to establish a legally binding instrument to regulate activities by Transnational Corporations, the Treaty Alliance mobilizes in and out Palais des Nations and calls for action.

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Legal Brief | 17-10-2016
Extraterritorial Obligations Global Governance Justiciability Natural Resources

Monsanto Tribunal: States also accountable

A legal document presented to the Monsanto Tribunal underlines that States are accountable for not complying with their obligation to protect against human rights abuses and sheds light on the multinational’s liability under international criminal law.

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Press Release | 18-08-2016
Extraterritorial Obligations Land Grabbing Uganda Mubende

15 years without remedy

Despite more than a decade of mobilization and legal struggle, Mubende evictees have not yet seen justice and continue to suffer the collateral consequences of this brutal act.

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News | 22-07-2016
Extraterritorial Obligations Gender Land Grabbing Mining

Burkina Faso and Sweden singled out by CESCR Committee

Following intensive advocacy efforts, the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR) addresses the key legal and policy issues that lead these countries to continue to neglect the realization of the right to food and nutrition.

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News | 14-06-2016
Extraterritorial Obligations Gender Indigenous Peoples Justiciability

Serious human rights situation in Honduras reported to the EU

Leaders and representatives from Honduran civil society visit the European capital to present the economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) situation in Honduras and look into the EU’s relationship and commitments with their country.

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Press Release | 10-06-2016
Extraterritorial Obligations Land Grabbing Monitoring and Accountability Natural Resources

Burkina Faso and Sweden under review at UN CESCR Committee

Investments by Swedish National Pension Funds in projects involved in human rights abuses and violations were under the spotlight along with the non-inclusion of the right to food and nutrition in Burkina Faso’s national law.

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News | 01-06-2016
Agrarian Reform Agrofuels Extraterritorial Obligations Gender

2015, a year of movement-building

From Bajo Aguan to West Bengal, passing through Tunis and Essakane, FIAN International’s Annual Report 2015 conducts a succinct review of all its work throughout the year.

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