Press Release | 18-08-2017
Indigenous Peoples Brazil

Brazil Supreme Court backs indigenous peoples

In an extraordinary session held this week, the Supreme Court recognized indigenous peoples' rights to the ancestral territories, disregarding the...

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Press Release | 27-07-2017
Nutrition Monitoring and Accountability Guatemala

Child’s life at risk due to Guatemala´s noncompliance

The critical condition of an 8-year-old girl demonstrates the State’s lack of compliance with sentences issued in 2013.

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Press Release | 25-07-2017
Natural Resources Land Grabbing Monitoring and Accountability

Guide for grassroots movements on tenure bottom-up accountability

A primer to guide rural communities in framing and devising collective action and engagement strategies to strengthen their tenure of land, fisheries...

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News | 24-07-2017
Nutrition Land Grabbing Gender Monitoring and Accountability Income and Social Security

Sri Lanka must ensure accountability of ESC rights

In addition to addressing high levels of malnutrition and forced evictions, Sri Lanka must guarantee the constitutional recognition and enforceability...

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Press Release | 17-07-2017
Global Governance Seeds Extraterritorial Obligations Peasants' Rights

After G20 fail, people mobilize in Basque Country

After disheartening for-profit, market-based solutions by G20, hundreds of delegates of La Via Campesina (LVC), representing 200 million people, kick...

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Press Release | 10-07-2017
Monitoring and Accountability GNRtFN

People’s monitoring resource launched amid SDGs talks

As discussions on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) kick off today at the UN High-Level...

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News | 26-06-2017
Global Governance

Inter-American human rights system makes history by doubling its budget

The OAS Member States voted for a twofold increase in the resources allocated to the Inter-American human rights system, thereby guaranteeing its...

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News | 19-06-2017
GNRtFN Colombia

The strength of the struggles lies in unity

With the conviction that it is fundamental to converge, deepen ties and develop common principles to strengthen the struggle, the Global Network for...

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News | 07-06-2017
Indigenous Peoples Venezuela USA Trinidad and Tobago Cuba Costa Rica Chile Peru Colombia Bolivia Argentina Brazil Ecuador Honduras El Salvador Mexico Guatemala

IACHR meets European counterparts at a critical time

Strengthening the inter-American human rights system must come first for the Americas and be reflected on the EU-OAS dialogue.

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Press Release | 29-05-2017
Global Governance Nutrition

Fighting big business interest in health governance

The increasing corporate influence in global health governance is pointed out at the 70th World Health Assembly.

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