News | 19-06-2017
GNRtFN Colombia

The strength of the struggles lies in unity

With the conviction that it is fundamental to converge, deepen ties and develop common principles to strengthen the struggle, the Global Network for...

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News | 07-06-2017
Indigenous Peoples Venezuela USA Trinidad and Tobago Cuba Costa Rica Chile Peru Colombia Bolivia Argentina Brazil Ecuador Honduras El Salvador Mexico Guatemala

IACHR meets European counterparts at a critical time

Strengthening the inter-American human rights system must come first for the Americas and be reflected on the EU-OAS dialogue.

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Press Release | 29-05-2017
Global Governance Nutrition

Fighting big business interest in health governance

The increasing corporate influence in global health governance is pointed out at the 70th World Health Assembly.

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Press Release | 29-05-2017
Agrarian Reform Land Grabbing Income and Social Security Brazil

Repression against social and political struggles escalate

Under the pretext of "ensuring law and order", the fundamental rights of Brazilians are being violated.

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Press Release | 22-05-2017
Global Governance Land Grabbing Peasants' Rights

One step closer to UN declaration

Intensive negotiations at the UN Human Rights Council conclude with deepened understanding of rural peoples’ rights and with the UN Intergovernmental...

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News | 22-05-2017
Global Governance Extraterritorial Obligations

Human rights for people’s sovereignty

The recent booklet by Rolf Künnemann, co-founder of FIAN International, takes the readers to the fundamentals of human rights and to the current...

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Press Release | 15-05-2017
Global Governance Extraterritorial Obligations Land Grabbing

Strong call by Treaty Alliance as UN process enters new phase

To be successful, the next session should encourage constructive negotiations between States about concrete and detailed elements of the future...

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Press Release | 15-05-2017
Peasants' Rights

UN negotiations decisive for rural world’s future

The fourth session of the UN intergovernmental working group on the rights of peasants and other people working in rural areas kicks off today.

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News | 15-05-2017
Extraterritorial Obligations Peasants' Rights Income and Social Security

New briefings to feed into negotiations on UN peasants‘ rights declaration

FIAN International launches two new informative pieces on States’ obligations and decent income and livelihood.

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News | 11-05-2017
Seeds Peasants' Rights Indigenous Peoples Paraguay

Seed corporatization threatens Paraguayan communities

Documentary exposes corporate interests prioritized over people’s access to seeds and their right to food

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