| 09-11-2009

India: Opencast coal mining destroys the livelihood of indigenous people in Jharkhand

The rapid development of open cast coal mining in the North Karanpura Valley in Hazaribagh andChatra Districts of Jharkhand is destroying the resources of food and water of the original inhabitantsof these areas, mainly Adivasis (indigenous people), of more than 200 villages. The region hasextremely fertile land which is now being converted into a mining site, taking away vital farming landand forests, and polluting the Damodar River, which is the lifeline of the area. This means a grossviolation of the Adivasis’ right to food – and hunger and malnutrition for them in the future.

An international action is needed to address the violations of the human right to food and tosupport the movement to resist the mining plans of the Indian government. Please write politeletters to the President of India, the Minister of Coal, the Minister of Environment and the Governorof Jharkhand requesting them to stop all mining operations and suspend all new mining projects inthe region.Background